Marian School



What does the PTFA do? 

We encourage closer links between home and school  

What do you need to do? 

The level of commitment from committee members is individual. Some people come to the occasional meetings or help out at one activity a year; others may choose to attend every meeting, and if they have the time, become involved in many events. See a list of events for 2017 - this will be updated after the Annual Planning Meeting on the 21st February where everyone is welcome to attend and bring their fantastic ideas and energy.


The PTFA works to :

Meetings are held monthly, and all members of the school community are welcome to attend and participate. A good committee should reflect the community it represents. You can read the previous minutes here.

The committee is currently chaired by Cindy Borrie, with Clarion Ferdinands as treasurer and Kym Plaisted as secretary - you can find their contact details here.

The PFTA is always grateful for help, and supports all levels of involvement.

For more information about the Marian School PTFA ask Marian Panettiere in the school office, and a PTFA member will contact you as soon as possible or take a look at the contact details.