Marian Catholic School

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Learning Community 2 (LC 2)

Years 1 & 2

Anna Ellmers

Room 1 Teacher, Year 1/2


General Information

I have been teaching at Marian Catholic School for 14 years and during that time have been part of the Junior and Middle teams in the school. This year I moved to Room 1 which has allowed me to meet up again with some welcoming past parents, which can be reassuring in the cycle of life. I am now working alongside children who I last saw as cherished newborns being brought into the classroom with their older siblings. With my lovely class I am being reminded daily. just how eager and friendly young souls can be.

I have had the opportunity in my career to teach at all levels in South Waikato, Huntly, Auckland (Music position at Howick Primary), and then back to the Waikato (Catholic and non-Catholic schools).
In 2013 I received a Study Award for a year to attend Waikato University to finish my Bachelor of Teaching degree. This was a refreshing time in my career as I became immersed in campus life, especially when it offered lunchtime concerts at the Performing Arts Centre.
Last year I took another year’s leave to go on a working holiday in UK to teach in Oxfordshire, again an area of such rich history and culture.

I have always been passionate about teaching reading and writing in my classrooms especially when I can help to raise the achievement of the children in my classroom which spills over into other areas of the curriculum in an holistic way. I also love teaching RE as it allows me to work with the children on a spiritual level and allow for great discussions.

My other big passions lie in Music and Drama and how it can easily capture the children’s imagination and allow them to express themselves in an exciting medium ( very often a confidence boost). I have be part of local choirs, Cantando and Civic Choir, and several shows with Hamilton Operatics over the years.

Brooke Goodwin

Room 3 Teacher, Year 1/2


General Information

Kia ora koutou, my name is Brooke Goodwin.
I feel extremely excited and blessed to be a teacher in the junior community at Marian. I have always wanted to become an educator at Marian Catholic School since completing my second-
year practicum here in 2017.
My major passions are the arts, sports and mathematics. I am a strong advocate for providing rich experiences for my children, by effectively engaging students through all curriculum areas.
Providing meaningful real-life experiences, and fostering opportunities that encourage students to advance their confidence and growth is what I strive to uphold in my classroom.
I am driven and inspired to work with learners, family and whānau effectively. I believe it is important to build effective partnerships. In my classroom, this will be apparent through
reciprocal communication, allowing all to be a part of their child’s learning journey. My tamariki are always at the heart of my teaching and learning, I value and care for diverse learners,
acknowledging that every individual student has something meaningful into bring to the classroom.
I am an enthusiastic, motivated teacher who is eager to grow alongside my children. I am excited to implement the knowledge and skills gained into my programmes, supporting all levels of
learners. I look forward to instilling Marian Catholic Schools’ values into teaching and learning, empowering and encouraging my students to recognise their potential.

Suzanne D'Cruz

Room 6 Teacher, Year 2


General Information

After completing my Bachelor degree in Primary teaching at the University of Waikato in Tauranga in 2012, I have had the opportunity to teach in England, Tauranga, Te Aroha, Cambridge and now in Hamilton! I have experience working through all the different year levels, but am very much enjoying teaching in my Year 2 class.

I am very passionate about teaching, and my favourite subjects to teach are Reading, Writing and the Arts! When I am not teaching, I enjoy eating out with friends or staying in with a good book or watching a movie with a large cup of coffee in hand!

My favourite part of coming to school everyday, is seeing my students get excited and ready to learn! Learning is hard, but the successes we get out of learning are awesome!

“ The more things you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go.” - Dr Seuss

Roxy Grace

Room 7 Teacher, Year 2 & LC 2 Leader of Learning


General Information

Teaching is something that I have always wanted to do - there has never been a doubt in my mind! Teaching, to me, is not just an occupation, it's my vocation - a calling, a lifestyle - it becomes who you are.

My pedagogical practice focuses on the child as a 'whole' being. Not only do I want every child in my classroom to succeed academically, I want them to experience success and happiness in their everyday encounters with other students and myself, as their teacher. My belief is - Happy children are children who learn! I believe in being a role model to my students, this is something that I take very seriously. Learning is a way of life, something that we all need in order to adapt and survive, to continuously improve ourselves. As Anthony Angelo said, "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."

Apart from being a full time teacher in Room 7a, I am the Communication Co-ordinator for the school. My role is to ensure that our Parent Community are up to date with important information via on Facebook page, School Website & School App. Being an avid organiser (and slightly OCD) I absolutely love this role!

When I'm not 'being a teacher', I love spending time with my husband and two dogs, Molly & Charlie. I also enjoy cycling & running around the beautiful Hamilton tracks. I am also an avid reader.

Sally Swart

Room 7 Release Teacher


General Information

I’ve been privileged to be part of the Marian School family since 2010, teaching New Entrants-Year 4 as a relief teacher and for the past year as a part- time classroom teacher.