Marian Catholic School

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Thomas McVie


Room 13 Teacher


General Information

Best greetings everyone

I have been teaching for nearly a decade now, at various schools both here in Hamilton and in Christchurch. After teaching in Christchurch for several years, and missing my young niece and nephew, I moved and have been teaching in Hamilton since 2016.

I am encouraged by the positivity of Marian Catholic School and the impacts that we can have when our students are fundamentally at the heart of our actions and choices. I embrace a holistic, modern learning perspective that encourages students to own their own learning and develop life-long learner skills and perspectives. Students will have my complete support in developing themselves, not only academically & spiritually, but also at becoming better people. With these learned strategies and perspectives, students will have the confidence to approach their future actions and decisions, confidently, for positive outcomes.

During my non-teaching time, I enjoy reading novels and trying to complete various mental puzzles, as well as spending time with my young niece and nephew.