Marian Catholic School

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Marian Catholic School

Board of Trustee Election - 2016

 Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results

Parent Representative Votes:


Arnold, Keith                 49                                             Hilton, Baden                112

Barr, Malcolm                83                                             Iremonger, Matt             80

Bides, Myla                    69                                             Low, May                        66

Botherway, Sean          110                                           McIntyre, Stuart             137

Fong, Darin                   102                                           Rollitt, Chris                   88

Hay, Nerroly                  123                                           Invalid Votes                  8


I hereby declare the following duly elected.


Sean Botherway                                                           Baden Hilton

Darin Fong                                                                   Stuart McIntyre

Nerroly  Hay                                                                 Chris Rollitt



Staff Representative Votes:


Steens, Natalie              5                                              Stuart, Grant                 30

Invalid Votes                 0


I hereby declare Grant Stuart duly elected




Marian Panettiere

Returning Officer