Marian School

Vision Statement:

Empowered to Learn, Inspired for Life

 What does this mean for our students?


Learning at Marian Catholic School is a priority. Children and parents come to our school with the expectation that they will be successful learners who in turn develop a lifelong love of learning. The knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they gain in the supportive learning environment that is Marian Catholic School, will empower them to continue their learning journey long after they have departed our doors.

Thus equipped with the tools to succeed, we aim to inspire our students to realise their potential, be contributors to society, and active participants in life, whatever they choose to do, wherever they choose to go.


Bring Christ into the World

What does this mean for our students?

Being a Catholic School means that Religious Education underpins everything we do and all learning interactions. It leads us to understand what it is to be Catholic – It is a given at our school. For our students we aim to instil in them the essential faith knowledge, experiences and understanding for them to be able to "Live life to the Full" as members of the Catholic Church. Participation in the mass and sacraments, having a sound knowledge of prayer and the fundamentals of the Catholic faith, surrounded by a supportive faith community, will lead our students to demonstrate the following understandings:

·       Being Christ- Like in their actions

·       That as a follower of God – You are never alone

·       That it takes courage to be themselves within their faith

·       That it's "cool to be Catholic"

·       Knowing right from wrong

·       How to live by the Fruits of the Holy Spirit

These understandings will lead them to be the hands and Face of Christ and truly "bring Christ into the World"


The Marian School Community encourages these values in thoughts, actions and interactions:

 Curiosity and Creativity - Pākiki me te auahatanga

This is:

·       Asking questions, finding answers, exploring possibilities

·       Problem solving, designing, creating, expressing

Environment - Tiaki mō te  taiao

This Is:

·       Valuing our environment as a gift from God

·       Being  guardians of our school  environment for the next generation and active participants in     conservation

·       Keeping Marian School beautiful

 Love of God, Self and Others - Te aroha o te Atua me te māhaki me tētahi 

This is:

·       Being faithful to God's teaching by the way we live our lives

·       Sharing God's love by reaching out to others through our words and actions

 Respect - Whakaute

This is:

·       Showing care towards ourselves and others

·       Being accepting of different talents, ideas and backgrounds

 Resilience - Aumangea 

This is:

·       Aiming to succeed and not giving up

·       Thinking and acting positively in the face of challenge and difficulty

·       Learning from our mistakes

Excellence -Tino pai-rawa   

This is:

·       Setting challenging and achievable goals

·       Doing your very best

·       Aiming for quality

Honesty - Pono-nga

This is:

·       Being trustworthy

·       Taking ownership of poor choices

·        Telling the truth

 Diversity - Kotahitanga 

This is:

·       Celebrating uniqueness and individual difference

·       Understanding  and appreciating similarities