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Marian School Netball Code of Conduct 2016


In order for all players, coaches and parent supporters to have a positive Netball season there is a code of conduct which must be signed by both player and parent and adhered to at all times. 


As a player in Marian School Sport Team you represent our school in the wider community.  We want all our students and families involved in sport to have a pleasant and rewarding experience.  Therefore we have outlined our expectations of any player in Marian School Sports teams. These will ensure everyone is aware in advance of what is expected from them.


Parents volunteer their time free of charge to Coach and Manager Teams at our school. As a courteous to them it is expected that:


              Once practice days and times have been organised with each team, players are expected to turn up to each practice on time, unless there is a genuine reason and the coach has been informed about this.  If a player does not turn up to a practice and has not informed the coach he/she can expect to be stood down for the next competition game.

NB: Practices are about developing skills, working on set play and team combinations, and often a time when the coach discusses key points for Saturday’s game.  The Parents are to advise the coach/manager should the student been running late to games or unable to attending games/trainings.


              All players are to be on time to competition games (Wednesday, Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings), allowing at least 30 minutes for warm-up and skills practise before the game.


              No student will take the court without appropriate footwear and the issued  



              There will be no derogatory language used on/off the court.  Positive reinforcement and encouragement from all players.


              Netball uniforms are to be looked after and returned at the end of the Netball season in the condition they were lent out.  If this is not the case the school has the right to ask for a fee to cover the cost of the damage / loss of the uniform. (Do not place skirts or dresses in the dryer).               


              All team bags (including balls and equipment) should be well looked after by all team members and returned at the end of the season in the condition they were issued out at.


              On a competition day players should take instruction / coaching tips from the coach / manager in charge only.  Parents should not interfere with this, as this only confuses the player.  Parents are great supporters to have on the side-line – so let’s keep it like that.


              All players are to encourage and support one other and work towards building a great team spirit.


              Players / Parents are to show respect towards coaches / managers at all times.  They put an enormous amount of time into the team.


              If there is no parental support with umpiring, the coach/manager has the right to ask each player for a small monetary contribution to cover the cost of a whistler.  Because of the competitive nature of Year 7/8 Netball a competent umpire is required.


              While Player of the day/match awards are a great way of encouraging excellent skills and attitudes in Netball the player of the day trophy (inside each team bag) or a certificate is considered a sufficient reward.


              Selection of a captain for any team will be decided upon by the coach of each team should the coach decide there is to be one.





I agree to abide by the Marian School Netball Code of Conduct rules for the 2016 season.


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