Marian Catholic School

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Marian School PTFA

The name shall be The Marian School Parent Teacher and Friends Association of Hamilton (The Marian School PTFA). 


The objectives of the PTFA shall be :

2.1       To preserve the special character of the school as a Catholic school committed to promoting Christian principles and ideals.

2.2       To provide support to fulfil the aims of the schools Mission statement and school goals.

2.3       To co-operate and liaise with the governing bodies in all matters pertaining to the betterment of the school.

2.4       To provide a link between students, parents/caregivers, and the school within the community of Hamilton East.

2.5       To raise funds, in a time appropriate manner, to provide improved facilities and educational opportunities for members of the school community.

2.6       To carry out other activities consistent with the charitable objects of the organisation.


3.1       Any parent/caregiver, teacher or interested person associated within the Marian school community may become a member.

3.2       There shall be no membership subscription.   


General Meeting refers to Annual General Meeting, Special General Meeting, and regular meetings unless otherwise specified.

4.1       Ordinary Meetings of the PTFA shall be held at least once each term and all such meetings shall be held at the school.

4.2       A quorum for a General Meeting will be 6 voting members and must include at least 25% of the Executive Committee.

4.3       The General Meeting will be chaired by the current Chairperson of the Executive Committee.  In the absence of the Chairperson, the meeting will elect a person to chair the meeting from among the members present.

4.4       Special General Meetings may be called by the Chairperson or a majority of the PTFA.  At least seven days notice of General Meetings shall be given to all members, and for a Special General Meeting the notice shall specify the nature of the meeting.

4.5       The Agenda for the impending meeting will be made available in the school office seven days prior to the date of the next meeting.


The PTFA shall hold an Annual General Meeting of its members once a year before the end of Term 1.

At least seven days notice of the business of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to all its members.

The Annual General Meeting will carry out the following business:

a.    Receive any minutes of the previous Annual General meeting and of any other general meeting held since the last AGM.

b.    Receive the Executive Committee's report of the activities of the association over the last year and proposed priorities and direction for the association in the current year.

c.    Receive the Balance Sheet and Statement of Income and Expenditure for the year from the Treasurer.

d.   Elect the officers and other voting members of the Executive Committee.

e.    Conduct any other business, which may properly be brought before the meeting.     


All members at all General Meetings, including Annual General Meetings, and all Office Holders at all PTFA meetings shall each have one vote, and the Chairperson at any meeting shall have a casting vote.

Voting will be by show of hands unless members indicate an alternative preference. If any member requests a secret ballot on any vote or election, a secret ballot will be held.


The executive committee shall consist of voting members of the PTFA, elected to office bearing positions, to facilitate the running of the PTFA.

7.1       The Executive Committee will consist of a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Two parent Reps, Teacher Rep, and Principal as of right.

7.2       The Executive Committee will be elected at each Annual General Meeting.

7.3       The Executive Committee will have the right to fill any places vacant following the Annual General meeting, or any vacancy that arises in the Executive Committee or among its named officers until the next General meeting.

7.4       Elected members of the Executive Committee will retire at each Annual General Meeting, but will be eligible for re-election at the   same and subsequent meetings.

7.5       Newly elected Executive Committee members will take office immediately upon their election.

8.         FINANCE

8.1        The financial year shall be from the first day of January to the thirty-first day of December of the same year.

8.2       The Treasurer shall, with executive committee endorsement, open a bank account or accounts in the name of the Marian School PTFA and if so required by the executive committee, shall open one or more separate bank accounts for any special purpose.

8.3       All monies raised in the name of the PTFA shall be received by the Treasurer, and deposited into the PTFA's account.  

8.4       Such monies shall be held by the PTFA in trust for the school and disposed of by the PTFA for purposes which benefit the school.

8.4       All financial activities to be undertaken in consultation with the full Board of Trustees and Principal.
8.5       The accounts and all related financial information for the calendar   year shall be reviewed by a suitable independent person prior to presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

8.6       A courtesy copy of the annual financial information presented to the Annual General Meeting shall be given to the Board of Trustees.

8.7       Any income, benefit, or advantage must be used to advance the charitable purposes of the PTFA.

8.8       No member of the PTFA, or anyone associated with a member, is allowed to take part in, or influence any decision made by the PTFA in respect of payments to, or on behalf of, the member or associated person of any income benefit, or advantage.
8.9       Any payments made to a member of the PTFA, or person associated with a member, must be for goods or services that advance the charitable purpose and must be reasonable and relative to payments that would be made between unrelated parties.


All cheques are to be signed or payments authorised by the Treasurer, Deputy Chairperson or School Rep. Two signatories are required with the Chairperson being made aware of all cheques issued or payments made.


Alterations may be made at an AGM or a Special General Meeting called for this purpose provided seven days notice of intention to hold such a meeting is advertised within the school newsletter.

Copies of the proposed changes are to be available in the school office at least five days prior to the meeting for those interested.

12.       LIMITATION

The PTFA is ancillary to the school and has no power over administration, maintenance, management or policy of the school.

13.       WINDING UP

The PTFA may be wound up if, at a General Meeting of its members, it passes a resolution to wind up, and the resolution is confirmed at a subsequent General Meeting called together for that purpose and held not earlier than thirty (30) days after the date on which the resolution to be confirmed was passed.

If upon the winding up or dissolution of the PTFA there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the PTFA. It shall be given or transferred to either the school's Board of Trustees or some other organisation or body having charitable objects similar to the objects of the PTFA, or to some other charitable organisation or purpose, within New Zealand.

This is a re-written Marian School Parent Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA) Constitution, and approved at a Special General Meeting on 1 September 2011. This constitution shall be deemed to come into force when signed on the 1st September 2011 and shall be binding on all members.


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