Marian Catholic School

(07) 856 7515 30 Beale Street, Hamilton East

It's easy - if you want more information or can help out with a particular event contact either Charlene, May, Morag or Clarion, or come along to one of the meetings each term.  


The level of commitment from committee members is individual.

Some people come to the occasional meetings or help out at one activity a year; others may choose to attend every meeting, and if they have the time, become involved in many events. See a list of events for 2017.

The PTFA can be your best link to teachers and is one of the easiest ways to become involved with your child's school.

Generally PTFA members :

  1. Help with fundraisers: We raise money throughout the year for projects and improvements at the school.
  2. Help shape the goals of the PTFA.
  3. Help promote community within the school.