Marian Catholic School

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Welcome to the EnviroSchools page!


Team 3 & 4 students have been busy this year creating a greener
school for the Marian students and community.


Redesigning the worm bin signs.

These Team 4 students decided that the worm bins needed some new signs. The boys believed that if the signs were more colourful and attractive, students would be more likely to throw their fruit scraps into the bins.

So far they have been very successful!

Back row: Seth, Kyle, Abcin, Aaron
Front row: Connor, Kent, Tiernan, Geon Woo


In Term 4 students have been given the opportunity to focus on something to do with helping the environment. In groups, children are researching how waste affects the animals, people and the environment.

These Team 3 girls are using used materials to create safe bird feeders for the school gully.
Great thinking girls!

Tanya, Kristin and Milly Grace.