Marian Catholic School

(07) 856 7515 30 Beale Street, Hamilton East

Adriana Cubillos


Learning Assistant & Sports Coordinator

General Information

I am from Colombia! I began working at Marian School in January 2010 as a volunteer helping a former Colombian refugee settle down at school, and I loved it!

I left in September 2011 when my twins were born, and I returned in 2015 after working at St Joseph’s Catholic School and Fairfield High School.

I enjoy working with children from diverse backgrounds, supporting them to gain confidence in their learning and speaking a new language. I also encourage them to keep and share their cultural values and traditions.

My passion and interests include teaching Spanish and organising cultural events for the community. I have also managed hockey and futsal teams.

In 2022, I started as a school coordinator. For me, this will involve encouraging children to keep active and open-minded to new opportunities in life to grow physically and mentally.

I am married to Nelson and have three children. Outside work, we enjoy watching movies, biking, playing hockey or having a party (sharing our traditions) with our Latin American friends.