Marian Catholic School

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Roxy Grace


Maternity Leave


General Information

Teaching is something that I have always wanted to do - there has never been a doubt in my mind! Teaching, to me, is not just an occupation, it's my vocation - a calling, a lifestyle - it becomes who you are.

My pedagogical practice focuses on the child as a 'whole' being. Not only do I want every child in my classroom to succeed academically, I want them to experience success and happiness in their everyday encounters with other students and myself, as their teacher. My belief is - Happy children are children who learn! I believe in being a role model to my students, this is something that I take very seriously. Learning is a way of life, something that we all need in order to adapt and survive, to continuously improve ourselves. As Anthony Angelo said, "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."

Apart from being a full time teacher in Room 7a, I am the Communication Co-ordinator for the school. My role is to ensure that our Parent Community are up to date with important information via on Facebook page, School Website & School App. Being an avid organiser (and slightly OCD) I absolutely love this role!

When I'm not 'being a teacher', I love spending time with my husband and two dogs, Molly & Charlie. I also enjoy cycling & running around the beautiful Hamilton tracks. I am also an avid reader.