Marian Catholic School

(07) 856 7515 30 Beale Street, Hamilton East

Debbie Anderson


Room 10 Teacher & LC 3 Leader of Learning


General Information

Applying to Teacher’s College as a 16 year old and being told to go and gain life experience first, lead me on a path of travel, marriage and motherhood, all of which I relished. I became very involved in my own children’s Catholic education which finally brought me full circle back to the University of Waikato. I juggled taking care of my family and being a Bachelor of Education student, and after graduating in 2011 gained my coveted position at Marian Catholic School as a junior teacher. Being overjoyed to be given this role would be an understatement.

Now, coming up seven years later, I still feel privileged and blessed to be involved in my students’ learning journey. I enjoy the special Character and diversity of our school environment and strive to continue my own pathway of being a lifelong learner, which I endeavour to model for my students.

I enjoy the challenge of delivering programs in all areas of learning in the hopes that all students will be inspired and receive learning experiences that challenge them and help them move forward in their learning pathways. In particular, I am interested in helping our children develop their growth mind set and celebrate alongside each of them as they achieve in whatever area they are working towards.

My family is very important, and spending as much time with them takes priority when I’m not at school. My wee beagle dog is equally as important and we enjoy going for walks and spending time at the beach. Travelling, seeing the world and experiencing other cultures brings me fun and huge enjoyment, and I am always planning my next trip… watch this space!

Archimedes and other great minds have been an inspirational avenue for learning in our class, this quote comes from a modern day great mind, a ‘mind set’ guru, whose work I have enjoyed following in recent times – ‘no matter what your ability is, effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment’. Psychologist, Carol Dweck.