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Special Character Newsletter: TERM 1

Welcome to Term 1 of 2019. This is the first Special Character Newsletter of the year. I thought that was a good opportunity to share news of upcoming events related to the special character of our school and outline the excellent practices that are happening within Marian Catholic school.


Sr Anne, a Mission Sister, was working in our school last week. She told the story of Euphrasie Barbier who founded the Mission Sisters and Marcellin Champagnat who founded the Marist Brothers. For those of you who are new to our school community, Marian School was begun in 1989- the joining of two schools (St Mary’s which was begun by the Mission Sisters  and Marist that was begun by the Marist Brothers.)

Celebrating our school history is very important. This week the students have had the opportunity of learning the stories of Euphrasie and Marcellin. This learning is being captured in art, writing, drama and music. It will be great to see this work unfold over the next few weeks. 


This week during their prayer time with Sister Anne they have been involved in Christian Meditation. Allowing the students to develop the ability to pray in the quiet of their hearts- to stop and reflect. Students have remarked about the calmness they have felt  after a short time of prayerful meditation. 


During last year, the staff and students spent time developing the Charism of Marian Catholic School. We had a wonderful model of the Mission Sisters and the Marist Brothers to develop our Charisms from. After spending time discussing common themes of both Charisms , we have blended both of those Charisms into our own Marian Catholic School Charism. 


 Being the hands, face and voice of Jesus



We feel very excited to develop this Charism within our school. Each Term we will focus on a particular aspect of that Charism, beginning each Monday Liturgy with our weekly talk on the Charism. 


However, we will be ensuring that the history of our school is celebrated and remembered by our students. The founding traditions of the Mission sisters and Marist brothers will be integrated into the environment,  the practices and activities of our school. 


This year we are introducing a new practice within the school of having a Learning Community involved in Sunday Parish /School Mass each term. This will involve students in: Bible Reading, Prayers of the Faithful, Offertory, singing and playing the music at Mass. LC4 is the first Learning Community involved. The Mass is Sunday 17th March at 10.30am at the Cathedral. All students are welcome to attend. 


A special tradition at Marian Catholic School is for students to bring along cans and non perishable items to our school Masses. All of the items are delivered to Hamilton Christian Combined Food bank to be distributed to the needy in our community. This is a wonderful way we can show how we Live Love in our community. Many thanks for your generosity. 


On 21st March, we will be hosting  a number students and teachers from the Catholic Schools in the area for Solidarity Day . This is held during Lent and reminds us how we can make Christ’s love present in the world, by carrying out works of charity. So in keeping with our tradition, our school plans to gather together for a Mass on the 21st  March and following the Mass, share in a simple rice meal. 

Have confidence in God, be humble, love prayer and be very kind. 

(Euphrasie Barbier 1867) 


 “To teach children, you must love them and love them all equally.”

(Marcellin Champagnat )

God Bless,

Nicki Whyte

Director of Religious Studies