Marian Catholic School

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Welcome to the Board of Trustees

As a Catholic school, Marian School has been established to carry out the Church's mission.  The Board of Trustees, via the school network, endeavours to provide a Catholic Faith environment which enables young people to develop the attitudes, knowledge and skills to become active and committed members of the faith community and to contribute positively to the world community.

The Marian School Board of Trustees exists to perform the following:

  •  to exercise general leadership of and supervision over the operation of the school at a governance level
  • to see to the employment of teachers and staff
  • to provide for the school's material needs from the funds allocated by Government and from funds received from other sources
  • to operate according to statutory and regulatory requirements
  • to carry out all of the above in such a way that reflects our school's Catholic character.

 Our Board of Trustees is made up of the School Principal who is the Chief Executive of the Board, one elected Teacher Representative, six elected Parent Representatives and four Proprietor's Representatives.  The Proprietor's Representatives are appointed by the Bishop who is the Proprietor of Marian School.  The Board is sub-divided into four committees: the Staffing and Children's Welfare Committee, the Policy Committee, the Property Committee, and the Finance Committee.  The Board normally meets monthly and parents and caregivers are welcome to attend.

Copies of the Board's Minutes are available to read - these are kept in the office.    

        Debra White is the School Principal and Chief Executive of the Board. 
  Catherine Ellice  is an elected Parent Representative.  
  Andrea Savage is the Deputy Chairperson of the Board.   She is a Proprietor's Representative.  Andrea is a mother of two young adults. She works full time as the Parish Pastoral Assistant for the Cathedral  Parish.
Nicole Higby is the Staff Representative.  Nicole teaches a year 7/8 class.
       Nerroly Hay is an elected Parent Representative.  Nerroly, mother of two boys and Marketing Manager for of the Torpedo7 Group.
 Wayne Bates is the Board Chairperson and a Proprietor's Representative.

Sue O'Brien is a Proprietor's Representative.



Malcolm Barr is a Proprietor's Representative. 


Matthew Iremonger is an elected Parent Representative. 


Angus McKenzie  is an elected Parent Representative. 

Bart Karalus is an elected Parent Representative.    

Rowena Moore is an elected Parent Representative.   

Jeanette Stephens is the Board of Trustees Secretary and Bursar at Marian School.

Members of the Board of Trustees can be contacted via the school office or email